Islamic Outreach Committee


TPCAR Diversity Committee

 We are members of the TPCAR (Tacoma - Pierce County Association of Realtors) Diversity Committee. On December 10th, 2018 we were nominated to begin the Islamic Outreach Committee. Feel free to reach out to us anytime for help.

 We also are members of the Washington Association of Realtors and if you are a Muslim in the other counties of Washington (King, Lewis, Thurston, Kitsap, etc.) feel free to reach out to us anytime for help.

What do you do?

The Diversity Committee reaches out to underserved communities. Everyone deserves a chance at homeowner ship. We reach out to ask how we can help. We hold seminars or hold booths. We try to give as much information as possible to help the community with home-ownership goals.  


Discrimination is against the Law. If you are being discriminated, we can help you file a complaint with HUD  and/ or you can reach out to CAIR. Don't feel you are alone. Call us anytime and we will try to help. 


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